Facebook event! https://www.facebook.com/events/438639629559656/
Eventbrite link! http://performanceinthepub09.eventbrite.co.uk/

Facebook event! https://www.facebook.com/events/438639629559656/

Eventbrite link! http://performanceinthepub09.eventbrite.co.uk/


PitP is a vaguely regular DIY, solo, and storytelling performance night in the gig room of a pub in the centre of Leicester.

Expect some of the UK's best and most exciting performers brought to the city by someone who got bored of complaining that nothing small-scale theatre-y really happens there. Never been to the theatre before? This is for you.

Read more on the about page. Come along, pay what you can, drink, and do something different with your Thursday night.

Next Event

The LAST EVER (for now) event will be on the 16th of Mayl. You can get tickets for a double bill with the ace Molly Naylor and Greg Wohead over at The Eventbrite page (link), or on the door. You can also invite mates to the facebook event over here: FACEBOOK (link).

And in the meantime, follow Performance in the Pub on Facebook (link) or Twitter (link) for ongoing updates... And why not sign up to the new mailing list below? Which Hannah always forgets about so definitely won't spam you

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Things people have said about Performance in the Pub

"back from a brilliant night watching @performancepub [...] you're a twat if you miss it" - @churlishmeg

"lovely fun" - @spunshon

"I'm not a theatre goer *at all* and it'd normally be something I find intimidating, but @performancepub proved...that there's more to theatre than stuffy pantomime and shakespeare and it can be all kinds of entertaining & provocative =)" - @frivolousshrig

"heart meltingly beautiful stor[ies]" - @discoverbrevity

"try the latest Performance in the Pub at the Crumblin' Cookie on Thursday night" Lyn Gardner

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